poetry, trails of thought

Empathy twice removed [or Milgram revisited] (I)

When you take it upon you to help another

without the other’s wisdom

and assuming you know best for the kingdom’s

integrity, and you aim to save the damsel

in distress as the stress of primal

scream approaches and encroaches and harbingers

humdingers of madly assumed kindnesses …

yes … then you take it upon you to assume

all you do is the best for the other without

counting on a wisdom you aimed to protect:

but you can’t protect such wisdom without

taking it into account: you can’t protect a precious

wisdom without adequately consulting its position.

And then if you’re not careful, what you initially

thought you’d started suddenly becomes a game

you no longer look over but form intrinsic and

intricate part of, like clockwork gone idiotically

wrong, and rails of steamed open

airmailed letters that once transmitted love

but now only communicate the toughness of

being above the one you claim to protect,

through the Milgram you’ve committed

by wanting to do

best …

without knowing how to do better.


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