“Cre[activity]” – The Movie

She was clever but mad,

too mad by half.

She wanted to make waves

in documentary-land.

So she dug out two people who no longer

could see each other; no longer even

go and bear to face down the other.

And these people just had to be

creative sorts who loved the idea of

doing playful stuff, as weird as could be

(or at least so some of us

might have said on perceiving the truly

mad sides to the case).

Not weird for you or me, you must

understand, because none of us out here

reading these lines is ever as straightforward

as any appearance gleaned from online profile

or schematic info, nor other quite limited

means at our disposal.

And so she managed to find these souls able

to create beautiful art; all as a result of their

once apparently chance reunion, years after

first meeting much younger it’s true, and the

question was clearly how to get them to

meet up one other fine day of these

(by chance yet again, of course!),

and renew a terrible breakdown in

some kindly way

that healed all involved in some burnished way.

And that would be asking so much of the

universe – even this crazy universe we

see on these pages – so instead of approaching

the both of them separately and arranging for

dumb meeting and getting them to open their

hearts and their souls in primitive interview

and other strange stuff of reality TV-land,

she realised, clever woman, that

something far grander, far greater, far wiser

was to encourage them both, in their quite

separate ways, to create their different

beings out of cul-de-sac land, and finally

get them some way – if not to meet

face-to-face –

at least to achieve a reconciliation of sorts

through the coming together of parallel

art: through the wonder – in

fact – of cre[activity].


Only the whole damnfool experiment,

at the very latest of stages, backfired*

so spectacularly when instead of

bringing together the two creative

souls, what actually happened was a

third party implicated uncovered

the fact equally weirdly, and the third party

thus mentioned then responded so well

that the modus vivendi forged of adult

debate eventually made heaven out of hell.


* Or did it really backfire?



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