I feel kinda kinder than ever I did.

I feel kinda warmer than ever I did.

I feel kinda fearful that what I have done

is not as good as good could be but maybe

as good as others might have done.

And emerging from online into reality

is something that grown-ups like me

should learn – that’s be able! – to face and

own up to, like fly with a swat (only gentler

perhaps; yes, gentler is nicer by far).

And maybe I ought to feel kinda fearful,

and maybe I shouldn’t feel kinda warmer,

and maybe that “kinder” I feel’s out of fear,

but really I do have to tell you dear people,

whether my being is grand, rubbish or

someone in between, at least let us

grown-ups own up to the need

for the love which befriends us and brings

us back home: the love that is truth,

empathy and compassion: the love

that might one day be



us all.


* I read the other day of the difference between empathy and compassion.  If I remember rightly, empathy causes us to cry for the other; compassion, meanwhile, leads us to help out the other.  Empathy makes the one feel good.  Compassion makes the both more human.

I wonder if this is so, and whether this may make us all so very much stronger.

I wonder … and to be honest, am terribly terribly confused …

Yup.  That’s the truth.  Oh yes, it really is.



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