T[error]? / L[over]? / Fa[i]th!!!

Moments when terror bites just like a charming snake

of cobra-like proportions: I’ve never seen a cobra,

you see, so how could I possibly know what that terror meant,

or might look like to me?

Bent out of shape as I’ve been all these years,

that cobra snakes around me sinuously as I suppose

snakes tend to do (I’ve never seen a snake either, except in the

zoo near home; or at least the home

I currently am able to occupy …).

And that is my terror, when reversal in my mind takes over

the hindsight that bulldozes my senses

into flattened and unseemly defences which

crop, like Photoshop, the images of life I see and perceive.

Love should conquer all, and for me it’s everything

that ever kept my fears at bay: but what when

love is over – and you have no defences (neither air-to-air

nor sea-based ones) (a question of daftish analogy,

it’s true) – what then

might you do?  What then could you do?

And is faith all that’s left when bereft of the attachment that

virtual life eventually detaches you



4 thoughts on “T[error]? / L[over]? / Fa[i]th!!!

  1. These are all hard questions and feelings. But I truly believe that in every hardship there is a lesson to be learned, and we should be our biggest support and foundation. Most of us tend to resist that truth but in my case, unless I wasn’t able to take care (love) myself enough, there was no amount of love out there that can make things right. From that centered feeling everything begins. And it is also true that in times we have to learn to love and accept ourselves, just as we are and where we are. That love conquers all and attracts all other types of love we need.

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    • 🙂 Am so grateful you have reached out here. What you say is so reasoned, it really hits home for me. Thank you Maja. You have helped no end … you do not know how much.


      • As long as we search for somebody out there to do something for us in order we to feel better, we are giving them the power to decide on our own behalf. Just do what feel best for you. That’s not selfish – in that way you are taking care about people around you as well. And I’m glad if I can help and be of help. You are welcome 🙂

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