Imagine, if you will, there were a

science of conscience.

That people could typify and studify

and stultify and

enclose and pro-


worthily pro-


sails of considered and

magnificent experiment

on sees

of die-

namic movement:

think how much dosh could be saved with

the cash that people would stop

spending on evil activity if one knew

exactly how to nudge fudgy people

into behaving themselves according

to less-

es and mores stipulated by organ-


sssss various.

And imagine you could define,

theoretically at least,

how reactions would cause

chemical splutte-

ring of hearted exp-

lesion in the con-

text – whether true or not – of com-

plex paper tombstone, written on reams

which only served to sound

the death-knells of all free will.


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