poetry, trails of thought

That …

You know when people see a poor person –

they’re always singular in the

grammatical sense of alone, not the

linguistic sense of particularly special –

and they see them suffering

and they walk on the other side

and they don’t even want to say hello,

and saying hello would be a contract of sorts

and you can’t make a contract with a person

whose poorer than you, for the

obligation becomes far greater than you

can deal with.


Well … that!


And you know when you’re told that a great

project must unfold, and each group of people

involved around the subject

is told a separate reason for not saying

anything: and in one case, the forebears, the

reason is such that obvious talent needs to be

released; and in one case, the family, the

reason is such that obvious need for physical

affection needs to be

satisfied; and in one case, the friends, the

reason is such that obvious need for employment

needs to be dealt with; and in one case, the enemies, the

reason is such that obvious need for protection against

disruption to established business

model just has to be complied with; and in one final

case, the lovers and stuff, the reason is such

that empowerment of individual so tragically treated

requires that he acts in all cases as if

under his own steam – never relying or being able

to see the faces or acts of any of the above:

and all failing to Good Samaritan the victim, in the name of

investigative science.

Only the subject’s actually a lightning conductor

for the real investigation, really under way: the morality,

conscience, persistence of morals and values that

people, when told they are doing something for the

good of kinda genius, continue to maintain and display.

The apparent subject is just a MacGuffin, a microfilm,

a something

to distract those committed to doing the

distracting: and those committed to doing the

distracting in question are actually the ones who are

truly distracted from their sincerity, honesty and

humanity by allowing themselves to be convinced

into carrying out

cardinal crimes of gravely hurting the rights and

integrity of the MacGuffin subject for all the

different reasons

differently exposed above:

how easy it is to convince a human being

to do something against the interests of another

in the name of expertise, authority and

research, and because the other doesn’t yet

know what their best interests are …




* The final straw for the distractors who are the ones really being distracted by this experiment would be if they began to suffer from the distracting effects originally only suffered by the singular distracted subject (and here we mean singular to say both something special and alone …).

That’s a thought and a half which’d be worth an idle conversation and a bit, don’t you think?



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