Mov[in]g on / [Solving] probl[ems]

Moving on doesn’t solve probl-


or can’t solve probl-


unless moving on happens

after solving problems

moves out of houses and homes

where mis-

understandings master the sensibilities

of people who love in their very

own ways as people who must

resist being bent out of shape.

And the “must” I describe is no obligatory

wild imposition of self on a situation,

but a searching for freedom to ex-

press the right buttons we all

need to undo in moments when affect-

ions blind us with the science of con-

fusion and that fizzing that

makes a breath catch itself, and a mind

wholly love itself; and then the problems

can begin to be solved.

And moving on is only possible where-


lined stories of rivers of sad become

adult comprehension instead of

adult hyper-


I love you my dear, and you love me back,

and yet in loving each other

we need to under-

take to be free in our needs and places as

we stand, curiously understanding

in a lifetime of misunder-

standing: a strange world is this world

of elves and pixies: a strange world

indeed described by my words,

and herded like flagrant cattle

towards slaughter – or maybe milking


stead, in your homestead of love;

and maybe it is what you say,

and maybe you know what you do,

and maybe in your love you’ve already


taken steps I myself were unable to


and maybe that’s milking after all,

my love:

I’d love

to be present in your milking again.

And so many things I did without

understanding, and all I ever wanted was

the freedom and inde-


denses I felt I needed myself, for the

person you are.  I want you to be happy;

I want happiness for all; but today

something’s changed – I want what I have

wanted all of my life for everyone,

also for myself – and I do:

for myself.


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