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Post 100


My Three Laws of Humanity*

  1. I believe in kindness above all – nothing can break this law
  2. I believe in freedom of spirit, being and experience – nothing can prevent this law from being implemented except where it contradicts Law 1
  3. I believe in organisation, structure and efficiency – except where either Law 2 or Law 1 is broken by the way these tools are being used


* Now I bet you thought I was going to announce who I really love (which I think is pretty damn clear, so really doesn’t need iterating here any more; it maybe does, however, need a talkward phonecall or a gently prodding email to the person in question – as well as further convos behind the scenes – so we can either sort a modus vivendi couched in real love or permanently continue to be oblivious of each other) – or that maybe my big secret was that I was gay (this would relieve me immensely – the convos behind the scenes would suddenly become so easy; if you do think it’s true, do drop me a line and provide me with the info, the support, the joy and the next steps).

With respect to My Three Laws of Humanity, they are, of course, modelled on dear Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.  I grew up absolutely enamoured with all his writings; really got my head round an optimistic perception of what technology could do for us, looked to the future through the prism of a quintessentially US do-whatever-it-takes and get-up-and-go approach to life, the universe and just about everything, and basically enthused me to believe in the future.

We need a helluva lot more Asimovs amongst us, if the future is to be something we still want to believe in.

Either way, after one hundred posts on this particular blog, I’ll take a break for the evening as I have other online responsibilities to meet.  Whatever your big secrets, do try and keep them for post 100 (or multiples thereof …!!!).

Do really love you all.  And after over four months of messing about with words, our cups do overflow …



2 thoughts on “Post 100

  1. Happy 100! You don’t look a day over 99… 😉

    Seriously though, I loved Asimov’s robot stories. I remember my father turning me onto those when I was in my teens. I’m glad he did.

    Good luck with your love connection! Fingers crossed, eh? 😀

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  2. 🙂 Am glad you got the opportunity. They’re wonderful books. The Foundation Trilogy (as was then, when I read my boxed set), also fabulous stuff. And the standalone novellas. A marvellous writer of fulsome ideas. An optimist above all – he illuminated what was otherwise a rather grey childhood for me. Books can do that: and good books even more so.

    Thank you for your continued kind words and interest, Tony. I think my default setting is generally muddle, but it feels as if the setting is losing its utility quite quickly. So we’ll see how I respond.


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