Choice ain’t good when applied to people:

a person ain’t a widget to

be picked out of basket by first adopter,

and held up

proudly on high, with victory

salute upfront.

People can choose each other but

the process is distinct:

a convo first; a series of getting-closers;

a working-out whether love truly exists.


And without such freedoms, choosing people

ain’t nothing more than

rank imposition: emotional tanks brought

onto the killing-fields of play;

sci-fi ray-guns plus glamorous

Ray-Bans plus promises multiple to

confuse measured standings.


If you love me, and I love you, then

love together – and the choice this implies –

is wonderful, true: a quivering ‘hood of

cupid’s arrows hitting their heart-

tastic marks.

But if on the other hand, you love me because

I love you because you love me too,

then love is broken: an unconstituted packet

of tawdry formula: an unwelcome substitute

for real lives lived.


So if that’s the love you want to give me, it’s

not the love I want to receive.


Do you agree?


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