Joy[full]y drnk


I feel joyful tonite; rite

in both sensis.

Diffrent in ways I’d

nevr’v thot.

Not shot in the fut but

crazy as hel.  Evrythin’

whirring diffrently now.

I want to liv frever; I want

to be in ur arms.  I want

to be in betwin

ur bewitchin’ legs,

an’ sixs an’ sevns

of sexl prowss,  hittin’


quite distnt, miles frm

experience I evr did

hav.  Miles frm experience

I now am rite yrnin’ for.


This luv of futre, of naturl

cultre, of glorus freedms …

I’m suddnly quite drnk

of all of ur prmise: so prmise

me now, let me drink all ur

juics, as yu drink all of mne.



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