[green] {photo} [fin-ish]

Finish can mean the end;

or may mean the beginning.

For I feel an -ish is kinda like

precisely what it’s gone and -ished –

and so didn’t you know that?

Don’t you know my love?



And then today I finally uncovered a treasure

chest of such love – no defiled battlefield

at all, this; and a photo

unseen for so many times

green has finished me off in utter

felicity: the joy I felt heart-droppingly

was love infusing me

as memories returned to me like

magdalena unfolding me: unfolding,

unbolting the memories of love;

of that woman who stood over me and

knew me so long before I ever knew her;

and I know that I wonder and

I think and I puzzle and am clearly

at universal disadvantage in not

knowing the clockwork of third men

who see and look over me,

but I also see benevolence and love

exuding everywhere.


And …

I cannot contain myself:


I had never been loved like this.

I had never loved like this.

I can never love better again.

I can never be loved better again.


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