The Art Machine

Imagine it were possible to create an

environment where via info of social

media, and the knowledge of Big Data



crunched about individuals, or groups

of same-thinking souls,

you could create a machine of real art

making, where through daily nudge

and that intimate knowhow and digitally feeling

and sensing the workings of the brain and

the thought patterns and the ways

of playing of such humanity

as mentioned

as this,

we could actually create an industrial art

which was as fabulously unpredictable

and original in its pursuit and imple-

mentation as any Master or Mistress

of creativity had ever been able to

manifest in

the past.

And maybe that’s what’s happened here:

how easy it has been to lead me on

to places I never was able to uncover

by myself, on my own, even with good

fortune of muse.

And the amusement I must be providing

at least adds to the net sum of amusement

the world badly needs.

So if I am to be amusing,

let it continue – let it continue to be so!!!


For in this life we have, however it lasts,

we need to laugh and be happy, and hold

those we can hold.


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