C[older] / C[oo]l{er} / H[eat]

Age does not pre-

clued the abil-


tie to connect and love and sex-


allies attract, as large holds neck

your beautiful shuddering length


sssh which stripe my sex up and own

like that age-old stick of holiday

rock licked and tongued lon-

gingly, Lon-

donly, aim-


lying beside you and spurt-


gasping squirts of em-

bracing seaside greys and air-

ings: cup-


houses and


planes to strange desti-

nations and states of mind-

less and mind-

ful ex-

stasis: civil con-

flix of balan-

ced and unsaid equilibriums,

where cinema reel un-

spools internation-

ally the coming together of an en-

tyre community of the good:

a rubber Johnny Doe of the uncomm-

on man and woman.



And how I love yous, dear women,

and dear men

and dear children for this

love: if I am worthy of a tougher

kind of love in the name

I proclaim,

not disdain,

not re-

jecture in con-

jecture where a prior bad faith does

proceed to seed at last all my futures

with good deeds …



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