Ge[or]gina and [the dragon]

Had it really come to this?

Was this what it had come to?




A battle of wits between a soft spongy

space of man jealous of woman

blind to failings and functions of her

other half, no longer bet-


er in any form or shape:

what he’d taken from her past times

and what he’d taken from her joy

and what he’d taken from her capacity

to happily rejoin the species of spicy

people who made her life a life

worth more than sur-



a revival of sense

is exactly what she was seeing now.




“A touch-


-g up my love!”  It’s what we always

need: it helps the severe pain and dis-

dain of critic re-

main within a soul:

recount, my love;

recant, if you can;

time runs its merry course and

I do not want to see you go on

the golf course of life; leaving us all

bereft of what could’ve been.




And you were created by mad

environments led by mad

people led by crazed

jealousies led by

pipes used to batter out of heads

of helpless childhood the kindness

and love and honesty and integrity.

And the reality suddenly presents

itself quite differently to him:

the dragon he’s been fighting

from within the man he never became

is the dragon she’s been fighting

all her life to properly con-

tain.  And her brain and  her mind

and her heart and her soul

and just being, and her ways of seeing

and doing and wanting

to be done to and seen

were all confused and

mixed up in that sad person she

once was in her shaky inside and

now is clearly becoming


She’s almost completely routed,

and he doesn’t want this;

he doesn’t want to lose himself

but he doesn’t want the dragon

within her to overcome the

good person deep down; the person

he once did treasure so fully

and now can only examine so coolly.




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