Be[in]g a hu[man]

In man there are many sides to the question:

what we need,

what we want,

what we do,

what we waste …

only four sides to the question are these.


No multi-faceted diamond is



In man choice exists, but rights do not:

what we need,

what we want,

what we do,

what we waste …

only four sides to the choice are these.


In man love appears often, but struggling to rise:

above the desultory nature of dailyness,

above the weary nature of reality,

above the questions that nature poses repeatedly,

above the tiring nature of nature itself …

only four natures to love are these.


And in man it’s so common that in breaking the rhyme

of wordage and vocabulary and verbiage and time,

we discover the truth about ourselves:

in truth, in reality, in fact and right now,

we are forged of grand selfishness

and our memories do battle to support us in these views.


We are nothing but self-justifying tools of our

own weaknesses; our

own pain; our

own self-contained anger and even fury; our

own frustrations so awkwardly drawn up:

my lies serve only to justify my being …


… and my being knows only how to believe in itself.


14 thoughts on “Be[in]g a hu[man]

    • Thank you Candice. I’m afraid it didn’t take long to write, and I’m not too happy with it. But I must defer to your judgement here. Started your book yesterday in a coffee shop. When I got to an early bit about people and marbles, I felt so sad. You write so painfully, and so well as your pain shines through, I’m really not sure how to make life at all cheerful. Will settle down to the rest this evening. Have had a challenging week; am losing a bit my faith in the future, I’m afraid. I mean, when I say this, a future which improves. (sighs)

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