poetry, trails of thought

Wisdom / Desire

A man I once met,

a man I met recently in fact,

asked me – by the very by! – which I valued more:

“Wisdom and its logical progression, dear man,” he enquired

not a little stealthily, “or

the emotional explosion of a desire properly expressed?”

And it’s true that in that instant of its initial bad posing –

and posing he clearly was,

this man I met then –

I might’ve been heard to reply in favour of the former:

for which sensible, rational man like myself

would dare to decant for the irrational?


But I then had a real, a very real,


to reflect in profound intelligence, as more and more lately

such reflection is my thing;

and precisely via the rational processes

this man had clearly suggested

were infamously disconnected from the desire that

drives our crazy sex,

I came to a new conclusion, quite radical

in my mind; radical at least

for the man I have been to date.


For it’s become clear to me

that without the drive of desire

the reality of true wisdom can never be acquired.

And whilst – for the minute! – my opportunities to express

my own honest-felt emotions

are equally radically truncated

by curiously unsubstantiated circumstance

and expectation, even so

I no longer will ever give up on the thought that has

emerged today:

in order to achieve a state of kindly wisdom,

all human being who wishes to remain the human

we’ve always seen and been

needs a full and honest, even as gentle, channel of expression –

an expression as much of their fine and unabashed sexuality

as of the content and texts of their undoubted intertextuality.


And whilst it’s just as true that we never can know

when love will touch again

the skin, surfaces and depths of our souls,

at least let us stay open to the fact of its former reality;

at least let us remember when the stories it told

so fine and


narrated our daily lives,

and led – as they did! – to wonderful moments

of such fabulous cool.


And who’ll be the next to embrace our still

shivering, tender bodies?

And who’ll be the next to hug hard and soft and

then everything between, and then

kindly and driven, and then


filled of scream,

and then slowly recovering

and then boldly returning,

and then finally becoming of both sides of this equation?


“With the right support everything is possible, ” they tell us.

With the right support,

and the wisdom of this

honest, never tiring

desire of a very humankind 

… which finally we recognise to be this grandest of the grand.



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