poetry, trails of thought

As bad as it gets

A man is as bad as it gets

When he thinks that a “no” means a “yes”.

And guess what?  I am such a man.

And a “no”, however expressed, is never a “yes”.

And so I must get what the universe expects.

And so I deserve no longer my success.

And so I deserve to fail, big time and hard.

And no railing on my part shall resolve my sharp cruel.

For the duel I have with reality is being an actuality, untrue.

And I have been untrue to myself, 

And so must harshly hurt.

And there is nothing quite as curt as the brevity of woe.

And that is where I am, and that is how I am, and that is what I am –

And that is why I am.



Without a way.

Nothing more to say.

No sing to song.

No cry to tear.

Nothing left at all.

A man bereft, and left, and quite alone.

Life after death: no one knows.

Death before life: I surely do.


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