poetry, trails of thought

Done wrong?


I do see I done wrong –

even as I see,

in some small ways,

I be done wronged at seriously,

too – but …

… far rather would I hug and make up with yous 

and real race to that wondrous embrace 

in grand life which

mebbe did get offered me once, or twice –

who really knows, 

who really knows, 

who really knows if this were so  –

than continue mathematically in sines of dreadful strife;

those bewildering techniques of techie worlds 


And if you read these words at all,

and if – so important! – you comprehend my call,

then hear me fine and hear me true:

I can love yous all and myself 

quite enough 

to call it a day on these payback games 

of sue and tort, or p’raps that’s taught,

and to resist further pain,

and to move clearly on 

and to move clearly forwards to 

whatever the futures, still uncertain,

mebbe say.


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