poetry, trails of thought

And so what about …?

And so what about …

… if I stopped overthinking?

If I went and achieved that goal, would it 

on its own, solely I mean, be enough to

capture your heart?

For you, I could do this right now you know:

for you and your embrace, and your gorgeous gorgeous 

face, I would change anything I could, and

maybe already should,

to hold you in my arms and kiss

this tough exterior, and then touch so kind

the lacy inside

you tend – so bemusingly – to hide from this rock.

And if in your presence, I learned just to be, 

to stop all my idiocies of love made of word,

could we fuck and suck and lick and caress,

and hold and cry, and then die just a little?

Would that be all possible all of a sudden?

Would that be all possible, dear Cl[air]e?


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