On “Mooreeffoc”, and other superhero stuff …

Some thoughts on stuff I read last night and watched today …



I posted the following first on my Facebook feed last night:

Have just read a short story which reminds me of my experience of mathematics when I was at school.  It’s an equation which resolves, but it’s also a dreamy pursuit of language and culture.  You feel you understand it whilst you are reading – much as golden Hollywood seemed cohesive during its watching – but then the understanding resists being picked apart.  Or at least I resist wanting to reduce it to being completely understood. I’d rather, in its ambiguity (for me at least), for it to stay entire and whole and complete in its dreaminess.  And whilst its structure clearly aims to triangulate its truths, I’d far rather myself leave triangulation to the politicians.

A lovely lovely experience I’ve just had.  I wish I could create such items of such rounded and spiky beauty.  But failing that, just encountering them is fine enough.

Today, I saw “Batman vs Superman”, and reacted thus (also posted initially via Facebook):

I must be from a different galaxy. Find myself giving “B vs S” 80-85%.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I can fully recommend.  If you have and agreed with the critics and popular opinion, consider being unpopular.

In response to agreement from one of my cousins, I went on to argue:

I basically did the Hitchcock bum squirming-in-seat test first: I didn’t squirm the whole two hours and a bit.  Also, some people I think have confused the word wide-ranging with confusing.  It’s not confusing – it’s wide-ranging.  Plus, the relationship between B & S, despite the special effects around them, had real intimate moments.  And the key scene for me was the M & M scene.  I guess for people who know the stories inside out or who love super-hero stuff (trad style), maybe it could disappoint.  But I’m not a typical lover of super-heroes, and there is a really good film waiting to be appreciated in there.  In short, as you did – I loved it!!!

The really interesting thing, however, for some weird and still unfathomable reason, is that I ain’t half wondering now – at almost midnight time – whether the first story and the second aren’t somehow linked in some curious way.

Read the first, watch the second – and then tell me I’m wrong …


And to round the evening off, some photos I took in Liverpool today.